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Promotion Information

The El Sausal Middle School Administrators and Counseling Department are committed to informing you and your students of the requirements for the 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony. The following is a list of the requirements that must be followed to be eligible for their 8th Grade Promotion Ceremony and all other activities related to Promotion.
Students must pass ALL 8th Grade classes.
  • No semester "Fs"


Students must demonstrate satisfactory citizenship.
  • No more than 1 "U" on the 3rd quarter report card
  • No more than 1 "U" on the 4th quarter report card
  • No serious violations of the behavior code during the 4th quarter resulted in a single 5-day suspension or two separate suspensions.


All bills are paid
  • No outstanding debts for lost or damaged books, fundraisers, etc. 

  • 85% attendance required (8th grade year only)
 **Promoting 8th grade students who receive two or more "U's" during the third grading period will not be permitted to participate in the Promotion Ceremony. Possible special consideration for students who demonstrate improvement by receiving no unsatisfactory grades during the fourth quarter.
*Balloons will NOT be allowed in the stadium, as well as any large items that may be distracting to others, ex: large teddy bears, large floral arrangements etc. If brought, please leave in your car. Small flower bouquets are fine. No leis during the ceremony (after ceremony OK.). You cannot add decorations of any kind to the gown.

Formal Dress Attire ONLY
Boys: Slacks, long sleeve dress shirt, tie or bowtie. No blue jeans, loose pants, torn jeans, tennis shoes, or T-shirt. Formal attire is strongly recommended.
Girls: No short skirts, dresses or shorts. Please dress appropriately. No revealing clothing such as see-through fabric, spaghetti strap dresses, miniskirts or low necklines. Please wear comfortable shoes that you can walk in. Dresses and skirts are OK as long as they're NOT above your knees.