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Dress Code

All middle schools in the Salinas Union High School District have Board-adopted, mandatory school uniforms. Uniforms were adopted to improve school safety, decrease antisocial behavior, and improve student self-esteem.
      1. SHIRTS: Solid white collared shirt, polo shirt, or collared blouse must be neatly tucked
  • Collared shirt must be the outer shirt. Undershirts must be solid black or white.
  • No sleevesless tops or T-shirts
  • No inside-out tops; no sheer/see-through fabrics
  • Students may wear shirts earned through participation in ESMS programs, clubs, or activities such as Renaissance.
  • No logos, regardless of size or color

      2. PANTS: Solid black pants, slacks, skirts, or shorts
  • No sweat/jogging pants, sports pants or sports shorts; no spandex or leggings                                  
  • Solid black denim and stitching is allowed; no stonewashed jeans, colored stitching or tags.
  • Knee length dress shorts are allowed
  • No baggy or saggy clothing
  • No torn, cut, or ragged clothing
  • Pants must be 1 inch above the floor
  • Skirts should extend beyond the knee
  • No slit skirts
      3. JACKETS, SWEATSHIRTS, SWEATERS: Black, white, gray (or any combination of these colors ONLY)
  • ESMS approved sweatshirts may be worn
  • No designs, insignias, or logos, regardless of size or color
  • No inside-out sweatshirts or sweaters
  • No sports team logos, jackets, sweatshirts, or sweaters allowed
      4. BELTS: Solid black or solid white
  • No initials or other symbols
  • No excess belt endings hanging
      5. SHOES AND SOCKS: Black, white, gray, gold shoes (or any combination or these colors ONLY)
  • No open-heels, open-toe shoes or sandals; no steel-toed boots/shoes
  • Socks may be black, white, or gray only; laces must be black or white.
  • The sloes of shoes must be black, white, or gray
      6. JEWELRY AND ACCESSORIES: Black, white, or natural metals
  • No insignias, logos, or labels except the official ESMS logo
  • Scrunchies, hair clips, bows, etc. must be black, white, or natural metal.
      7. HEADGEAR, GLOVES, AND SCARVES: Black and/or white ONLY
  • No hats, beanies, bandanas, hairnets, sunglasses, etc.
  • Sweatshirts/jacket hoods must be off the head, unless outside in inclement weather.
  • Clothing and hats/caps determined to be gang related or inappropriate are prohibited.
  • ESMS approved scarves or black and/or white scarves may be worn
      8. BACKPACKS AND BINDERS: Black and/or white backpacks; solid black or solid white binders
  • No backpacks or binders with gang affiliation
  • No insignias, logos, writing, or graffiti on backpacks or binders

When a student is out of uniform, he/she may contact a parent to bring the proper uniform, or will need to wear a loaner uniform available through the Community Liaison. Reoccuring uniform violations will result in disciplinary consequences.