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Student Store & School Supplies

P.E. Uniform 

P.E. Uniform 

*Items can be purchased the day of registration at ESMS
Tee Shirt - $7
Shorts - $10
Locks (each) - $7 * You will need 2 locks (one for P.E. and one for your book locker).
Student Agenda Replacement - $5 (in the Main Office) *First Agenda is Free!
ID Replacement - $5 (in the Main Office)*First ID is Free!
Optional for Purchase

Optional for Purchase

Hooded Sweat Shirt - $20
Lanyard - $3
P.E. Gym Bag - $5
Scarf - $13


 *Students are required to bring the following supplies to school every day.
Binder: 2 Inch 3 Ring (solid Black or White)
Dividers: 7 Subjects
Binder Paper: Loose Leaf, Three Holed, College Rulled
Pouch for Pens & Pencils
Pens: Black, Blue, Red and Green
Pencils: #2 Style